John De Goey @ The Money Show

Canadian investors are at risk and they don’t even know it.  Watch John De Goey’s presentation at The Money Show live stream. The video requires that you login to the Money Show website if you do not already have an account. You can also review the power point presentation …

John De Goey Explains How To Standup To The Financial Services Industry

I recently recorded a podcast with industry expert Preet Banerjee.  If you’re interested in the ideas in my book, but not inclined to bother reading it, I think it would serve as a good summary.

Something we do that very few others do

When we do financial independence projections, we take costs (both the cost of advisory fees and the cost of investment products) into account.  My own personal and unscientific experience is that virtually everyone else in the business is distributing financial projections that ignore costs and that, as a result, significantly …

John De Goey Assumes Chair of the FP Canada Research Foundation Board of Directors.

This is to advise that as of yesterday, I am the new  Chair of the FP Canada Research Foundation Board of Directors.  It’s my third year on the Board.  I was Vice-Chair last year.  We do some cutting-edge and applied research into Financial Planning for Canadians