About John De Goey

Bestselling author John De Goey is a portfolio manager with Wellington-Altus Private Wealth and a national authority on professional, transparent and evidence-based financial advice. John is a regular contributor to a number of media outlets, including MoneySense, The Globe and Mail and The National Post. He has made numerous appearances on a variety of television programs, including CBC’s Marketplace, The National, BNN’s Market Call, and CTV’s Canada AM. His previous book, The Professional Financial Advisor, released in 2003, is now in its fourth edition.

For over 25 years, John has been an advisor to Canadian families and a frequent investment industry thought leader.  His commitment to community service and his advocacy for the Canadian investor has not gone unnoticed. John has twice been named one of Canada’s Top 50 advisors and has won a Lifetime Contribution Award for his contribution to financial planning.  John has been a tireless champion for Canadian investors and has contributed to bringing positive change to the industry. The STANDUP movement is simply a vehicle for consumer advocacy.