making the world a better place

making the world a better place

Transparency. Accountability. Integrity.
STANDUP Resources
On page 186 of STANDUP to the Financial Services Industry, the tools necessary for advisor accountability meetings are referenced for you. Those tools and resources are listed here. Projection Assumption Guidelines, Nathalie Bachand, Martin Dupras,...
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Why Standup?
The business of financial advice is highly regulated, so surely there’s nothing inappropriate going on, right? After all, advisors clearly have good intentions and care about their clients, so investors can feel comforted that advisor...
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Bullshift, the podcast is a weekly exploration of how the financial services industry shifts peoples’ attention to make them more bullish. It involves a risk most people won’t recognize because being optimistic is usually a...
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Three Questions To Ask Your Financial Advisor

How do you choose the funds you recommend to me?

The answer better not have anything to do with past performance because as every prospectus and mutual fund ad says, “past performance may not be repeated and should not be relied upon”.

What rate of return should I expect?

The number better be in the single digit range (and in the low single digit range if there is a significant income component).  It should also be lowered further to reflect the cost of products and the cost of advice.  

What motivates you to look for low-cost products on my behalf?

As was suggested in the previous question, returns are frequently lower for more expensive products with a similar mandate. 

Improve Financial Planning Through Research
I recently did a podcast with Pawel Brzeminski, the President of Snap Projections, a financial planning software company.  We discussed a number of things, including...
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John De Goey @ The Money Show
Canadian investors are at risk and they don't even know it.  Watch John De Goey's presentation at The Money Show live stream. The video requires...
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John De Goey Explains How To Standup To The Financial Services Industry
I recently recorded a podcast with industry expert Preet Banerjee.  If you’re interested in the ideas in my book, but not inclined to bother reading...
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Bruce Sellery| Sirius XM Radio Interview With John De Goey
I recently did an interview with my friend Bruce Sellery on Sirius XM Radio about my new book.  I’ve attached it here:  Author and advisor...
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Resources and Opinions
Why top 50 Advisors switch
This is an interesting article I recommend about why advisors switch dealers
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About Emerging Markets
This is an interesting article about emerging markets I recommend
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An important video on the role of a good advisor from DFA:
Black Rock’s Long Term Return Assumptions:
Blackrock’s Long Term Return Assumptions:  
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Remember when fund managers were rock stars?
Please read the text of my article at MoneySense, Canada's personal finance website. Click here:
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